Update on PSi#26

Dear PSi Community,

The Rijeka organizing team wishes to thank you for your patience and support throughout the past year as we have navigated the turbulent circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. After being forced to delay last year’s conference due to travel restrictions and anti-epidemic measures, we have been working diligently with the PSi board to find a solution that will allow us to hold the event without compromising the safety of our conference participants, organizers and wider community.

Unfortunately, contrary to expectations, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown little sign of slowing or abating since our announcement last year that the conference would be postponed. Though we continue to hold out hope that the virus will be successfully combated in the coming months through ongoing protective measures and widespread vaccinations, the question of when and how the new conference will be able to take place, if at all, remains unanswered.

Given the present circumstances, it will not be possible to hold the conference before late September 2021, potentially later, though we expect to finalize and announce this decision by the end of February. We regret that we are unable to offer more encouraging news at present, but we deeply appreciate your understanding moving forward, and we hope to be able to meet in person as intended in the near future.

For any questions, please contact Marlena Brdar at psi2020@hnk-zajc.hr.

Best regards,

The PSi Rijeka Team