Call for Proposals

Rationale and Structure

We have confined ourselves to walls, boundaries, property, and profit. Radical connections are undesirable, and subverting the structure of proprietary power is strictly forbidden, rendering us permanently “unavailable” for the global uprising. The long history of oppression is also a history of liberation with its revolutions, communes, radical movements, and also our “ordinary” achievements – most people on the planet are continuously struggling to get access to food, clean water and safe shelter. The relentless movements across borders caused by various forms of systemic violence, social and environmental injustice and socio-economic inequity not only comprise strategies for survival. The continuous struggles of people on the move also disrupt technologies of confinement, subvert conditions of immiseration, and challenge our “universal” understanding of freedom. Given these dimensions, how can we conceive of the politics of migration beyond the usual paradigms of powerlessness and bare life? What can we learn from migrant power? How does it inform, initiate or reignite our personal and collective desire for further empowerment and liberation? Our willingness to care and to be cared for uncompromisingly? Struggles of the people on the move are a constant reminder of how every dangerous, life-threatening journey, every act of systemic and institutionalised violence, and every violation of human dignity endured by so many is, in fact, tied up with our own personal and political freedoms. Are we ready to break the chain of codependency to a global structure that enslaves some to “free” others?

In the context of PSi #26: Crises of Care, stream titled Routes and Roots: Migrant Power and Radical Care will assemble activists, artists and scholars (thinkers) that act, respond to and are engaged in various forms of solidarity and comradeship with migrant movements around the world. In such a diverse composition we aim to share different experiences, perspectives and practices built around and with the people on the move.

Call for Proposals

Our stream aims to bring together participants working on the politics of migrations from across the globe so as to strengthen international networks of solidarity by sharing activist experiences, artistic projects, and critical scholarship with one another. Our stream welcomes applications from activists, artists, and scholars working on the politics of migration, mass displacement, and transnational networks of care. In this vein we welcome academic papers, artistic performances, activist presentations and/or workshop proposals dealing with the politics of migration. Relevant themes include:

  • Postcolonial logics of migration: race, nation and mass dispossession
  • Ideologies of ethno-nationalism and xenophobia
  • Beyond the discourse of rights: migrant struggles as decolonization
  • Sanctuary networks and the politics of liberation
  • Theaters and performances of migration
  • Carceral archipelagos: camps, borders, walls
  • State sovereignty/vulnerability: detention, detraction and deportation
  • Migrant power: nomadism, deterritorialization and cosmopolitanism
  • Discursive constructions of the refugee, the migrant and the asylum-seeker
  • Migration, gender and feminist thought
  • Ecological dislocations: migrant communities in the anthropocene
  • Migrant labor and human extraction

Our stream will be structured first by a series of conversations and panels, followed by workshops and sharing sessions and finally, performances and public interventions.

How to Apply

To submit a proposal for the stream Routes and Roots: Migrant Power and Radical Care, please fill out the online application form, which can be found here.

The deadline to submit a proposal is December 31, 2019. All other conference dates and deadlines can be found on the conference timeline.

Please direct any questions regarding your application to