Student Dorm “Ivan Goran Kovačić”

The student dormitory “Ivan Goran Kovačić” is located in the Rijeka city center, 6km from the main conference venue in Trsat (approximately 20 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus). The dormitory consists of a cluster of five pavilions, with the option of staying in a single room, double room, or double apartment. Prices are as follows:

  • Single room: 146.90kn (20€) per night
  • Double room: 90.40kn (13€) per person, per night
  • Double apartment: 203.40kn (28€) per night for one person, 146.90kn (20€) per person, per night if two people are staying in the apartment

VAT is included in the price of the rooms. Payment is due on arrival.
To request a reservation, please contact Marlena Brdar at

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Single room:


Double room: