Accommodation for PSi#26 Crises of Care: Act Respond Engage is available in Rijeka and the neighboring city of Opatija, located approximately 18km (30 minutes) from Rijeka.

A number of rooms have been reserved for conference participants in the dormitories of the University of Rijeka, and through the Amadria Park Hotel in Opatija, with special rates ranging from 90kn (13€) to 1,086kn (150€) per night.

Availability is limited, so rooms should be reserved as soon as possible, as hotels in Rijeka and the surrounding area are expected to fill quickly in preparation for summer 2020.

For more information on these options, please follow one of the links below:

Amadria Park Hotel, Opatija
Student Dormitory “Trsat”
Student Dormitory “Ivan Goran Kovačić”





In the event that there are no longer available rooms at any of the above locations, further accommodations may be found independently via the Rijeka and Opatija tourism websites.



Additional information on accommodations in Rijeka will be available soon, so please check back regularly for updates.