PSi #26 Coronavirus Update: Registration Postponed to April 1, Conference to Continue as Scheduled


Dear PSi#26 Participants, 

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and its potential impact on international travel to the conference this summer, we’re enacting a few measures to avoid complications for participants who are uncertain of their attendance due to virus-related travel restrictions. 

First of all, we want to emphasize that the current situation in Rijeka is stable, with only a few confirmed cases, most of which are contained within a single family. There is therefore little cause for concern at present. However, we understand the unease regarding the potential spread of the virus, and are therefore postponing registration until April 1 and extending early bird registration for a month to avoid unnecessary refunds in the event that travel plans have to be cancelled. 

For the time being, the conference is still scheduled to proceed as planned from July 7-11, but we advise participants to postpone making any travel arrangements through the end of March while we monitor the situation. Please check the conference website regularly for updates.

If any participants have already decided not to attend due to the virus, please inform us immediately so we can make adjustments to the program accordingly.

Best regards,

The PSi 2020 Rijeka Team